Who is Michael?


A Travel & Landscape Photographer, Rv'er, Knight in shining armor ;) = Creative Travelr


Welcome to me! these images are the heart of my perception and imagination, Here you will find a collection of images from my travels thru the United States and more, My expertise in photography comes from 17 years of experience and I love every minute of it.


I attended The New York Institute of Photography and then quickly got hired  to shoot sports while working a full time job at the same time, now 17 years later I'm here to personally take you on a journey and experience that you can display in your home to share with family and friends. A conversation piece that will make you a story teller.

Meet Michael

5 Things to know about me

1. Patriot

2.Thinks he's super popular

3. will work for food ;)

4. Xbox gamer

5. young grandfather


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Meet Michael